Professional German Lessons in and around Munich

Happiness through understanding!

About me

For many years, I have worked as a musician and music educator. Since I always loved languages as much as I loved music, I began teaching German at various language schools for the last 20 years.

I quickly realized the results from the traditional teaching methods were unconvincing. So I decided to develop both my own teaching method and my own teaching materials.

I've always been fascinated by how our brain works while learning. With the help of neurobiologist, I took upon myself to learn more about the subject matter and to truly understand how one learns affectively.

From this foundation, I was able to create my teaching method that is not only innovative but effective and highly successful but proven by the excellent results I have seen over the years.

But even the best method does not work without respect and consideration for individual personalities and the needs of each student. Everyone has the right to their own pace and rhythm. So it goes without saying, being sensitive and attentive is vital.

If my young students are able to achieve the proper grades to get in and study at their dream university,

If my adult students can pass their examinations, complete training courses in German, and allowed to independently manage German clients,

If any of my students can feel comfortable, confident, and "at home" with every conversation, then it gives me great pleasure to be their German teacher!