Learning another language is not an easy task particularly when the structure is so totally different as between English an German. The time it takes is frustrating because progress can be so slow and ultimately not something that is much fun.
When we discovered Heike all that changed in that she has a system that allows you to learn some basics very quickly and almost from day one we found that we were able to experiment with some words and phrases.
Heike's method seems to take the laborious content of text books off the page and into something practical which is more simple to follow and understand and you feel you are making a great progress very quickly which becomes exciting.
Working with someone that is not patronising and prepared to explain those difficult differences in our language with such a degree of patience makes lessons with Heike a lot of fun.
As someone who tends to be quite busy with other committments and appointments which have to take priority and often change, I have found Heike is very flexible and always willing to work around my schedule.
We can honestly say Heike is helping us in a way that suits our needs, lifestyle and personalities. She is a teacher but also a friend that helps us with not just the language but adjusting and understanding the lifestyle and cultures of Germany.

Glyn Dennehy
Vice President & Managing Director, TTI Europe


Over the years I have been training people to speak and improve their German I have built up a number of references. Four of these I have included below.

I did not come to Heike as a complete beginner but I knew I needed to improve my German not only quickly but in a way that would allow me to speak naturally. After a few weeks of relatively intense lessons there was a marked improvement in German language ability. The best thing about this – I was not the one who noticed. My German colleagues were. I regularly got (and still get) compliments on my German. I may not always get things 100% right, but the structures that Heike helped lay down are a bedrock for clear and effective communication. Her methods are simple but very effective. More importantly learning with Heike is fun. I still take lessons with Heike as it is worth every penny and one can always improve.

Paul Williams
European Infrastructure Director, ResMed GmbH

After spending years trying to crack German grammer, Heike gave me the confidence and the tools to really progress. Heike understands the difficulties of learning a foreign language and was therefore quick to get my written and spoken German up to scratch.

Louise Buckley
Europäische Schule, München

"Deutsch lernen" war für mich lange Zeit ein Albtraum: schwierig und langweilig ... bis ich Heike kennengelernt habe. Seitdem habe ich deutlich besser und schneller gelernt.
Mit Heike lerne ich gerne, denn der Unterricht mit ihr ist leicht und unkompliziert ... und es macht sogar Spaß. Ich kann es nur empfehlen! Viel Spaß beim Lernen.

Maria Manas
Telefonica o2 Germany GmbH, München