My Method for Training German

It is my desire not only to teach you the German language, but to do so in a way where you can really feeling the joy of learning. To look forward to learning, to be able to focus with enthusiasm is the key to success. The self confidence gained when you quickly reach your goal and learn to speak a useful and understandable German will carry you forward to yet more success.

My philosophy... "Keep it simple!"
I teach a modern, clean and easy to learn German with a vocabulary that fits your individual wants and needs. Through my many years of experience I have designed a method for learning German based on a reclassification of the rules of Grammar. My method is based on the principle that German grammar can be structured to become a building block to learning, not a stone in your path.
With my method you do not need a text book, just the desire to learn and to have fun doing so. That is all there is to it. And it works!

A German Language Teacher with whom you will get results; and fast!

My name is Heike Emmerling. I am a Munich based German Language teacher and with a strong background in language training and psychology. For over 20 years. I have trained various people in the art of speaking German.
I believe languages need to be trained, not just taught.
My students come from various walks of life.
I have also worked for and students from various organisations, eg: Siemens, O2, Infineon, KPMG, FC Bayern Munich, Eurpäisches Patentamt,
Bode & Hewitt, Accor-Hotels.
I specialize in helping students who are afraid of learning a foreign language and taking exams.