Custom-made courses

I also offer courses that focus on specific needs or areas in which you want to improve existing skills.
For example, you may be interested in improving your fluency in "Daily Life" situations; eg: going shopping, restaurants, bars, museums, etc. Or perhaps focus on improving writing skills for business letters.

Regular coaching

One on one or small group

Each unit lasts 45 minutes

For best results my recommendation is to take 2-4 units at one time, up to three times per week. For those seeking a more intense course please see the next course option.
Courses can be arranged either at your office, in or around Munich in public settings such as cafes, or your home.

Intensive coaching

Due to the intensity of the work we will undertake and the concentration and focus required, these course should be one on one only

Each session typically 6-8 hours

Recommended for students who want super fast results
The courses should be arranged either at your office or your home but ideally in a place where you can focus yet feel relaxed.